Sunday, 28 August 2016

Interview Mistakes

Interview Mistakes to Avoid

The job interview is an integral part of the application process, so it is important to thoroughly prepare yourself in advance. Although each interview process is different, there are some common mistakes that people make, sometimes without an awareness of what they have done. These tips can help you to avoid making a mistake that could cost you the job.


Regardless of what position you are applying for, it is important to dress professionally so that the employer will know you are serious about your application. Feeling clean, stylish, and physically prepared will also help you to feel more confident in yourself, which is crucial, especially if you are nervous about the interview. After you choose an outfit for your interview, you may want to gather opinions from friends and family before the day of the meeting so that you will not make the mistake of dressing too casually.


Being late to an interview sends a message to the employer that you are unconcerned with their time. The employer may even question your abilities to maintain a schedule that is organised and timely. Leave the house very early on the day of your interview to ensure that you will not be late. Although issues such as traffic are unfortunately out of your control, your employer is unlikely to be sympathetic to tardiness for a formal interview.


It is imperative that you focus on the task at hand when you enter your interview, and so you will want to minimalize any unnecessary distractions. For example, do not bring a drink into the interview because it can make you look overly casual, and it can also serve as a distraction to both you and the interviewer. Also, make sure you turn your phone to silent mode as well. Taking a call or message while you are interviewing is extremely disrespectful. Leaving your phone in your bag is a good way to keep yourself from using it during the interview.


Before going into the interview, make sure you research the company so that you can show the employer that you are truly interested in being a part of their team. This can be done by using Internet resources and reading the website of the company before the interview. You may also find it useful to research interview questions related to your job type so that you can reflect upon how you would answer them.  Practice answering the questions verbally so that you will feel as if you have truly rehearsed. This can help you to feel more comfortable and confident as you prepare for your interview.

While some of these mistakes may seem obvious, they are fairly common and can be difficult to avoid in a moment of nervousness. It is best to set yourself up to avoid these mistakes by taking the time to thoroughly prepare beforehand. A prepared applicant is more likely to have a successful interview, and first impressions are vitally important for the job searching process. Visit Build-a-Career for further advice or to apply for jobs.

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